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Joey Vanderveer started playing guitar as a senior in high school and immediately fell in love with playing and songwriting. After forming a band to play at his senior pep rally he graduated and one of the band members invited him to church. It wasn’t long until he discovered his ultimate purpose to glorify God in his life and his music. Joey’s cover band traded their repertoire of Toadies and Silverchair songs for Jars of Clay and DC Talk and their name changed from Eve to Destination Known. He remained a member of this band leading worship at D-nows, youth camps, conferences and adult worship events all around the country for 7 years. Since then Joey has led worship at several North Texas churches, youth camps, and kids camps. He was an Associate Pastor for 4 years and is now an Art teacher. As a husband and father of three, Joey loves every minute he gets to spend with his family and cherishes each opportunity to write and play music for God’s glory.
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