photobooth 2Have you been racking your brain for the perfect party favor? Besides being the latest craze, photo booths are a great way to give your guests a keepsake to take home with them. They will always remember your event when they see their selfie on the fridge. Why give your guests something they’ll just toss later on when you can give them the experience of showing off their lovely smile in a photo booth!


To us, it is all about the experience when you walk up to our booth! It isn’t one of those tiny cramped boxes where you can only fit a few people or one linebacker. Our approach is an “open-air” style booth with a classy backdrop of your choice that lets full groups get in on the shot. There are no countdown timers to make you nervous or complicated buttons to rely on since we bring out a real human being to help pose people and take their photos when everyone is ready. This also helps eliminate those embarrassing photos where everyone is caught off-guard.

After the photo is snapped, it prints out in about as much time it takes for a bull-rider to get bucked off one of those scary looking things. We can print anywhere from 50-60 photos an hour with our super speedy staff.

One of the most popular things we offer that guests really love, is our Social Sharing iPad Kiosks. We place slick looking kiosks near the photo booth so guests can instantly text or email their photos to themselves. Guests can also post to Facebook, Instagram, or even airdrop the photo right to their iOS device!


Did we mention all the fun props and other crazy things we provide to make the photos even more creative? Check out some past photo booths below:

  • 2015-08-19_221816
  • 20150604_230542-IMG_0017
  • Studio Session-082
  • 20151218_232057_160_IMG_0020
  • 20160215_120642_690_IMG_0006
  • 20160215_135344_701_IMG_0012 copy
  • 20151211_215341_478_IMG_0023
  • 20160212_190412_053_IMG_0002
  • 20150604_223640-IMG_0011
  • 20151211_215636_668_IMG_0029
  • 20150801_220748-IMG_0024